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A Star is Born


Dean joins Cleo on her first red carpet, and feelings will be felt before credits roll. Now if only they weren't co-chaperoning a seven-year-old socialite...




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To say, I'm looking forward to tonightis an understatement. It's been two months and twelve dayssince I last saw Cleo by my book. That's two months. In twelve days toolong things have been different since we'vebeen back in the city sure we talk almost every day, one way or anotherand work has picked back up full steam. But something has me feeling off.Kilter like I've, got the wrong shoes on thewrong feet or can't remember if I lockd the door that morning, which isn't evenpossible, because I had a top of the line security system installed,including an automatically locking front door. What I'm saying is something's missing, or rather someone and I'm hoping that to night, we'llturn things around for us that a certain nicknamed calling whip, smartsteaming, hot Brunette will have had a change of heart that she's ready to bewith me because God damn it, I'm more than ready to be with her I've just felt kagy since Niagara likesomething changed there. Every time I walk past that Damn Indi movie theaterby my place. My thoughts go straight to Clio and it's, like my organs, have beenswapped out for a set of tacky Christmas lights. It's distracting anda little bit annoying, and it makes it hard to accept that things really mightstay this way. Hopefully, seeing her to night willhelp me figure out what to do about it. After a quick, productive Friday, Iduck out of the office a few hours early to head to my apartment to showerand change. I convinced Cleo to let me treat her toa drink at Hudson yards before the premiere. There's plenty of space for Brady toget some energy out before the show,...

...and it's just the right distance fromthe theatere, not so close that we'll run into our coaststars, but not so farthat she'll be late. At my place, I shower shave and changeinto my suit my phone buzzes from the bedside table. It's Cleo on our way. Brady can't wait to see you. I smile those Damn Christmas lights,flickering on again, it'll be nice to see the little guy too, though, I'd be lying. If I didn't admitthat part of me wishes Cleo and I could have the night to ourselves my phone buzzes again, I guess I'm pretty excited to see youtoo smyley face my fingers move faster than my braincan think. Leaving here in five excited to see you too tell Brady. If he's good I'll, buy hima Shirley temple after hitting, send, I call myself aNuber. It's a good thing. I live alone. No oneelse is around to witness the big dumb smile. I can't seem to wipe off my face when the car pulls up at Hudson yards.I hop out and narrowly avoid getting hit by a taxi, got a love being back in the city. It's a good thing, I'm here to helpkeep an eye on Brady. After all, I'm about to text Cleo to let her knowthat I'm here when I stopp dead in my tracks, just a few yards ahead of me, Ispotter in a bright red figure. Hugging dress her dark curls hanging looselyaround her face. My jaw about drops to the floor. I knew she was gorgeous, but thisfucking goddess she's, confident and sexxy andsuccessful, and she knows it and that's hotter than any wet dream. Icould have come up with...

Dana Brady's young high pitched squeal snapsme back to reality the same reality where my little brother is runningloose on the sidewalk way too close to where I was almost hit by a car momentsago I jogged a few strides to close thedistance between us and Scoop Brady up in my arms, something I haven't donesince he was three probably the little shits heavier than Iremember, and I grunt in' even out the Weigt, luckily he's just as sweet as ever andwraps his arms around me burying his face in my shoulder. Jesus Brady, don't scear me like that.CLIO's voice travels to my ears from behind Brady's head and I set him downto find her standing in front of us with her hands on her hips yeah bud. You know better than to gorunning out by the street like that you're, a city kid you got to do meproud. I gave gratie's hair a gentle tussleand he scowls and smooths it back down, he's looking pretty dapper for a sevenyear old in a suit and Bowtie that matches cleo's, dress. I'd Bet amillion Bucks Helen had at all custom made for his first red carpet. It mightnot be the Oscars, but the premiere of a sure to be hit TV show on amultimillion dollar streaming platform is a good start for any up and comingsocialite. Even a tiny one. Brady clears his throat and looks excitedlybetween US Olio. This is my big brother Dean Dean.This is my nanny caleo she's the actress and we're Goin to hered carpettonight pleasure to meet you Cleo, I outstretch my hand with a wink chleoreplies with a coy smile pleasures, all mine. I wonder if herheart is beating as fast as mine. The three of US start walking down thestreet to our destination, a kid...

...friendly spot, where we can both getbrady some chicken nuggets and Cleo in me a drink once there we let Brady Guide theconversation telling US each what he thinks we need to know about the other. The whole time I 'm watching CHLEO'sface closely for some sign of where she's at, because I know where I am:We've only been reunited for half an hour and I'm already breathing easier. I want to be with her plain and simple now I just need to make sure she stillfeels the same way. Dan. Are you listening to me? I wassaying that Caleo's going out for of my frieeds, but I'm only giving you threeokay, the Look Brady gives me is so serious.It's all. I can do not to crack a smile, sure thing bud so dean. Do you work in the city. Her tone is light and casual, but overBRADIE's head. Another conversation is taking place while he's busy blowing onhis chicken nuggets Cleo, and I are doing our best to communicate in code. Brady Chimes in carefully transferringa couple fries onto my Napkin danworks fare, my mom. I feel my browsshoot up to my hair line and chleo covers her mouth to stifle a laugh God. I really wish my little brotherwasn't sitting in between us. I work with MOM Brady. I can't remember the last time I calledHelen Mom. The word feels heavy and awkward comingout of my mouth. Oh, what do you do there? CLEO raises her eyebrows in pretendinterest. It feels like we're back in Niagara doing our role playing game allover again, except this time. I'd like to think I've learned a thing or twoabout acting. I'm heading a New SustainabilityInitiative for the company, which is...

...actually going very well. She nods back and places a French frybetween her lips. I have never wanted to be a deep, fried slice of potatoe sobadly before Brady is still laser focused on hisnuggets. CLEA works for mom to she's my nanny and acting as a job on the sideand when she's gone. Marcella is my nanny. How kind of you to share I'm not even going to touch the job onthe side thing courtesy of Helen, I'm sure Brady, and I will talk about thatlater. CLEO CACKS her head to the side, but I'm your favorite nanny right, Brady, pauses, squeezing his eyes shutand milking the moment of decision for all it's worth looks like I'm, not theonly one taking acting lessons with Cleo you dirty dog. After all, the nuggetsI've made for you Brady giggles his little cheeks,turning pink his shoulders scrunching up, so they almost touch his ears you're my favorite Galio. Then he ducks under the table,presumably to get the rest of his giggles out you're. My favorite too I mouth beforeBrady comes back up to finish his chicken cleo smiles softly and takes asip of her drink. Holding my gaze over the lip of the Glass God. I wish I knewwhat she was thinking. This would all be so much easier if we could just welltalk when it's time to make our way to thetheater we step outside onto the busy sidewalk. The Sun is starting to setbehind the skyline casting everything in a golden glow. I'll call US Anuber, I'm already pulling out my phone, butChleo stops me placing her hand over mine in a move that would tip any oneoff to our history. If our third wheel wasn't a seven year old, I got our ridecovered.

She nods to a sleek stretched limowaiting for us down the way, wow brady hollers and is about to take off or thecar when Cleo and I both grab him. At the same time, we've really got ta work on Your Streetsmarts dude in the Limo Brady's preoccupied withthe sun roof and the multicoloured lights under the Minibar, giving Cleo,and I a couple of precious minutes of uninterrupted silence. I figure the best way for us to havethat conversation without Brady overhearing is to text. So I pull outmy phone nudging her arm and nodding to her purse. Talk about the fancy side of NiagaraCleo chuckled softly and begins to type. I see you read our first review. Oh, you didn't think I was going toshow up to your premiere without googling your choufirs. Did you the internets obsessed with you guys right the joys of working for a majorstreaming service? I've got a good feeling about this one. I placed myhand on her knee memories of Niagara Flooding back to me all at once. Me Too, thanks for inviting me tonight by theway, it's good to see you again, our eyes meet and Cleo rests her handover mine, Bradye, still preoccupied with thelights under the mini Bar, and his exploration has taken him to the farend of the lime Cleo and I are practically alone in theback several feet away from our tiny chaperon our faces only inches apart. What I wouldn't do to be able to sneaka kiss without the miniature snitch noticing and based on the way cleos gazing at mylower lip she's thinking. The exact same thing were here: the Limo stops and Brady's sweatylittle body wedges between us to peer...

...out the window at the small crowdgathering around the red carpet. Okay, Bud! Remember what we talkedabout you and I are going to walk outside with Cleo, but then she has alot of fancy actress stuff. She has to do without us, we'll meet her insideright, right, Brady nods, his face stern and serious.Like he's preparing for battle, we climb out of the LIMO, but insteadof cameras, flashing and photographer shouting were greeted by a frazzledlooking woman in all black and a pair of glasses, holding a clipboard. She checks Hus in and tells us where togo, pointing cleo to the line for the red carpet and Brady and me to thelobby where light refreshments are being served before the premier begins. I give Cleo's hand a light squeezebefore we part ways, leaning in to whisper in her ear, you're gorgeous. They have no idea what's about to hitthem. She smiles and marches to the redcarpet line joining a tall blond. I assume, as her coastar joy, based onthe way she squeals and wraps her arms around her on sight. You look amazing. I steer Brady inside what did you say to Cleo? He looks up at me with his browsscrunched together I told her that she's going to do greatout there when that doesn't seem to placate him. I Sigh and I told her that she looks prettytonight Brady's mouth curls, into a mischievoussmile. You like Leo, don't you come on? Let'sget you that shurly temple, I got kicked off the team. What why coach heard about last night they'repretty strict on fights? Did you tell...

...him why you got in a fight Hannah and Iwere there that guy was awful, doesn't matter what about the casino they actually promoted me parttime security? Now No shit, no shit! Well, I'm sorry about the baseballthing I know Hannah is super grateful. I don't think I could have handled thatguy. All bymy want to go on a date with me say what date. How is that going to work? I lost mypassport last night when you found it. Where did you find it? It was on the front steps of the casinolike a lost slipper. I Guess Disney is for adults. Whatnothing thank you for bringing me this you're locome, fine I'll go on one day,one date under one condition: what's up it's nowhere near Niagara Falls. The premiere is a hit. I knew the show would be good, but CLEOis a fucking revelation, compelling sweet funny, smart, it's strangeknowing her like. I do now and seeing her up on the screen, because it's her up there and it isn'tit's her face and her voice and even the way her lip curls right before shekisses you, but she's also transformed completelyinto someone else. It might sound stupid, but I thought Iunderstood acting before watching Cleo show blew everything Iknew out of the water.

You were incredible. I pulled Clio in for a hug in the lobby.The light floral scent of her hair sends me slightly off kilter. I don't think I'm used to being thisclose to a real life, celebrity okay, calm down Casanova and thank you Brady wiggles in between us. As we parta broad smile stretched across his face, as he gazes up at clea with wideadmiring eyes. Cale, your show was really really good.You were like up there on the screen, but you were also nixed to me in theseat and you were talking, but here werk go. He keeps babbling inexcitement and Cleo nods along patiently looks like I'm, not the onlymactanial boy obsessed with the star of the show, hey clear, a gay. I recognize, as Sir Costar Evanssaunters over to us and places his hand roughly on Cleo's shoulder. Did youhear the Renewin us for a second season already shitshing? He pats her arm and walks away beforeshe can respond. She turns to me stunned, Holy Shit. THAT'S A bad word! I nudged Cleo, I told you you'll be able to quit nannying by theend of the week, but but but but glars pot to take me tothe Musi. If of ice cream next week, Brady automatically switches intoBratdy, richkid mode, Cleo, shoots me a look and places a soothing hand onBrady's cheek. You think I would miss the Museum ofice cream no way little man, I think you'll still be seeing plenty ofCleobud. I say it more to Cleo than to him. I will cleo smiles and nods taking myhand in hers. It's more than just a few Christmas lights. Shining inside me now,there's a whole damn Christmas parade marching around in there. I give herfingers a squeeze and she leans into me...

...resting her head on my shoulder brady stares up at US dumbfounded and Ikissed the top of Clio's head for good measure. He might as well know it now.Lord knows he saw right through my shit. Acting all night, anyways he's a smartkid and in large part he has cleo to think for it. Her Chin pressed into my Bisep Cleogazes up at me, with a beaming smile, we'll be seeing each other for a longtime. If I have anything to say about it, hookup state of mind is written byBecca. Morgan and Amelia J rose produced by consensual, creating steamifeminist first romance for riot girls, special thanks to baby money and thedown payments for the use of our theme: Sin O boy, streamable, amspotify, headsound engineer, John mcneal studio, recording by John mcmeal and Sam sovermood lighting, engineer, mixing by spiral, Likhe, creative and masteringby eating e Laura. This episode was performed by Daniel Jordan,Nadiapelatie biankashaw, Evan, Weisman and Gen Nicol. Thanks for getting yourromance fixe with Consensual Pod, we hope you guys fell in love with Plio.Indeed, mantary the EBO look up state of mind by backof, Morgan and Amelia. JRose is now available on Amazon. Don't forget to follow us at consensual pod,on Instagram, for updates on season three catch. You later riot, girls.

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