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Call Your Girlfriend


How many "L" words are there? In this bonus mini episode, Cleo and Ingrid catch up and spill the tea on Cleo's love life. 




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Hello, Oh my God, you picked up. Ofcourse I picked up. You know I put this on my Chekal. How are you I'm goodhow'S INDIANA? IT'S INDIANA! We just had lunch with myparents, they say hi, I say hi back. How are they? I miss them. They're goodsame old, same old, I'll, see them at Mason's wedding tomorrow. So I'll. Sendyour love, then. Are you getting all sorts of ring talk from them? What withknow is brother tying, the not Oh, my God so much. They really have memistaken for someone who would get engaged a guy before living with him,fulltime H, true anyway. How are you the premiers tonight right? Yes, super good subervous!...

That's what I wanted to talk to youabout. Do you remember Niagra Guy, my glassis son, you can use his name. Cleoyou've only mentioned dean. The last four times we've talked yeah, okay.Well, I finally got Helen to talk about him and long story. Short, I'm bringingboth the mcdanald brothers to the premier tonight hold on you're bringingbrady to the premiere yeah. It was this whole weird thing whereaccidentally promised him. I bring him to the red carpet if I was ever on oneentirely, my fault because I made him fill out an Oscar bracket with me lastyear, anyway, Dean, yes, Dean literally just got off the phone with him he's sopomped. What about Helen? Does she know that you already fucked her oldest son?No, I left out the part where we already know each other he's coming aslike my date, brady supervisor for the night, but Allen seemed pretty coolabout me meeting up with him. I mean they're, not close like at all.

I don't know it's still kind of weird,but I'm just so God damn excited to see him again, you know. Are you aware of how hard you'regushing over this guy is, this more than my usual level of Gretching Way, more huh? Okay, NO DUDE! I just like really like him. What aboutother L words? The BIG L Word Likhim? Yes, I have licked him and I'll do itagain. Oh my God. He's licked me too, to be clear, mutual licking. You knowwhat I mean. I don't know I haven't seen him in like over twomonths. You can't just use the big El word about a guy that you only hookedup with for like a week, but you've been talking to him every day. True and you bring him up every single time.We talk. Also true, I'm just saying sounds like it could be.The big L word to me:...

Lesbians, Clio, when I know you'll be the first person.I tell okay, then Dean Second, obviously, in that order, Du okay, sopremier, what are you wearing? Oh, my God, you're going to love this dressI'll text, you a picture, hang up. Okay, just sent it. Okay. Let Me Look Holy Shit, Cleo right. I wish I ownedit. It's a rental! I don't care if you stole it, it's made for you. Thank you. Okay, I have to go. I need to start gettingRuady for sure. I, like the scheduling phone call.Business, though, can we have this as a standing thing, this time, weeklyperfect, I miss you I'll be back in New York soon. Okay, let's do Brunchmimosas on me deal. I beg L Word to you. I big ll word you back. Bye,...

...hookup state of mind is written byBecka, Morgan and Amelia. J Rose produced by consensual, creating stinifeminist first romance for riot girls; special thanks to baby money and thedown payntents for the use of our theme song. Oh boy, streamable on spotify hadsound engineer, John mcneal studio, recording by John mcneal and Sam SilverMood Lighting, engineer, mixing my spiral like creative and mastering byeating the HOURA. This ponous episode was performed byNadiapelitie and Alison Brishaw tune in this Wednesday for our season finalewhere you'll hear Dean Sayng, it's been two months and twelve days since I lastsaw Cleo by my book. That's two months and twelve days too Mon.

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