Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Love Letters are for Losers


How do Ingrid and Noah manage a long distance not-quite-a-relationship? The old fashioned way.

Dear Ingrid, I've only been back in Indiana for afew days now and I got to be honest: it's fuckinggood to be home, Mason's been driving the truck while Iwas gone and believe it or not. It's still in one piece. He was teasing me about forgetting howto drive. While I was gone, but it's been like riding a bike except a whole lot faster and easier onthe quads. There are some things I miss about New York, though we don't get any Brooklyn Brewery Beershere. Yet if my brewery hits it big, I'm going totalk to them about doing a guest tap and it feels weird not being able totake the Jay to your place. Whenever I want not that I was stocking you or anything,you know what I mean.

I'm thinking about applying to thelifgrin turns out saving wasn't too easy. While I was in New York andgetting a business up and running takes more money than I realized. I don't know shit about grants, but Ican goole as good as anyone and hey. If you have any tips. Thatwould be great. I miss you ingared how's, the JOM hascleo heard anything back from those auditions hope the hustle and bustle hasn't made.You totally forget about me yet noa, dear Noah, I don't know what I was expecting whenI found an actual handwritten letter in my mailbox, but it certainly was not aletter from you. I wanted to type up a response, butcleo insisted that if you handwrote your letter, I had to handright minetoo.

She also said that this whole thing wascheesy as hell, but well here we are, I'm glad you're enjoying being home. Iknow how much you missed it. New York isn't for everyone, and you know what that's Oky. I've seen plenty of peoplewho tried to make it here over the years run back home with their tailsbetween their legs. You did what you came here to do, and now you're backhome with a purpose. I totally forgot about the Loufgrin. Ithink that's a great idea. I'd be happy to look over your application, for youjust send whatever you want my way. Work Email is best and I'll be sure toget back to Ou. Asap also is Dorothy Lugren still directlyinvolved. She must be in her sixties. By now the job is good. I should be hearingback about the promotion any day now. I think the interviews went well and Inailed my numbers last quarter, so I should have it in the back. I hope thatdoesn't Jinks it...

...whatever I did everything I could cleo's still waiting to hear back abouther stuff, too lots of waiting here in New York. Thankfully, we have plenty ofwine on our hands to Tihe US over. Miss you too mister bloom. I don't think I could forget about youat this point. Lord knows my mom. Won't let me Ingrid Dear Ingrid. I know I already said this in a text,but congratulations on the promotion. No one deserves it more than you doyou're such a Badass. Honestly, I still don't totally getwhat you do, but I love how good you are at it andI'm so proud of you for achieving your goal. Your boss would have been anidiot not to promote you thanks for your help with the grantapplication I sent it today and, if all goes well, I should hear back at theend of the month when I think about the opening yourface is the only one I care about...

...seeing in the crowd and Masons I'llkill that little Assol, if he doesn't pack me up with this thing anyways, I can't thank you enough. If I had any money left to throw aroundat anything besides the brewery I'd, send you flowers. Is that a lane thing to say damn I got to start writing thesethings in Pencil, I've been using a pen. I got from somefancy paper store in Brooklyn, it's a twist up. Instead of a click and theguy at the store said, the inflow is top of the line. I guess I just figured. If I'm going tostart my own business, I need to have better pens. Does that make sense anyway, it's fromNew York, so it makes me think of you every time I use it, rumor has it. Dorothy is still involvedin choosing grant winters. Apparently the top three applicantswill have to do an interview before...

...they make a decision. So any tips you have from how you nailedthat promotion interview would be superhelpful looking forward to hearing from yousoon, no dear Noa, I hope those interview tips Isent last week are helpful. I know you're going to nail it. Your visionfor this brewery is so meaningful and it's exactly the kind of thing theLugrin was made for. I appreciate the thought, but I'm notreally a flowers kind of girl anyway. Now, if you wanted to send me a nicecab from Napa Valley, well, that's another story. Cleo took me out to our favorite spotright on the river to celebrate. Things have been so crazy lately for both ofus, it was nice to have a night to ourselves. There's a lot of change inthe future for us, so weare doing the best we can to enjoy the time we have.While we can I'm dying to hear how your...

...interview goes. Call me right after Ingrid, dear ingred, I know I already said a lot of this toyou after the interview, but I've been thinking about it. A lot since then, and I still have more to say, meeting Dorothy Livgrinn was just sofucking cool that woman knows how to command a damnroom. I googled her before going in and just looking at the legacye she'sbuilt for herself and everything she's done for her community. I don't know it was just really fucking cool. Itmade me feel like what we're doing means something anyways. I guess what I'm trying to sayis that meeting you has changed me in more ways than one. I don't think I would have applied forthis grant, made it to the final round or met Miss Lufgran without you honestly. At this point it doesn't evenmatter if I get the money.

Okay, scratch that I fucking need themoney. If this brewery is ever going to happen, and I need the brewery to happenbecause that would mean I get to see you again, don't think I forgot about our promise. I plan on holding up my end of thebargain. I hope you do the same. Noah ten week, turnabouts is written byAmelia J was produced by concentual, creating steami feminist first romancefor riotbals special thanks to baby money and the downcalness for the useof our theme Song Oboy head sound engineer, John mcneal, mixing by spirallight creative, mastering by Eting Gahra, follow us act, ponfental pod oninstagram and follow at B Moabloo and at B Inger deeler to watch this levstory play out on your instruenfy. This...

...episode was performed by Alison Hushawand Travastana tune in on Wednesday. For the conclusion of ten week,Turnabout.

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