Meetcha in the Middle


Noah and Ingrid are reunited at the opening of Bloom Brewery--but is Ingrid back in Indiana for good? Or is there a door number 3?

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Episode 11 · 5 months ago

F**k Everything

Desperate times call for foul language, best friend vent sessions, and possible workplace hookups, if Noah is down.

Episode 10 · 6 months ago

And the Beat Goes On

Is the club the right place to DTR, or is Noah asking for trouble?

Episode 9 · 6 months ago

Sex, Brunch, and Rock & Roll

An embarrassing moment in bed leads to lots of new role playing opportunities.

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Episode 8 · 6 months ago

Sweeter than a Chocolate Stout

A trip to a Brooklyn brewery quickly becomes a trip back to Soho, where things heat up between our favorite old flames.