Meetcha in the Middle


Noah and Ingrid are reunited at the opening of Bloom Brewery--but is Ingrid back in Indiana for good? Or is there a door number 3?

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Episode 3 · 7 months ago

Little Miss Indiana

Funnel cakes, state fairs, and Sadie Hawkins Dances! Ingrid reminisces on her past with Noah--and faces the very likely possibility of seeing him again.

Episode 2 · 7 months ago

Rooftop Reunion

Ingrid gets the surprise of the summer when her high school crush from the small town she left behind shows up in Manhattan--and he's even hotter than he was at graduation.

Episode 1 · 9 months ago

SNEAK PEEK: Ten Week Turnabout

SNEAK PEEK: Meet Ingrid and Noah, the hero and heroine of ConSensual's first romance, Ten Week Turnabout, coming June 24, 2020!