Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Risk Management


Noah gets a lesson from Bo in flirting like a city boy, but he's not so quick to ditch his hometown ways.

SDUDE A smily face both staires of thephone I've, not so subdenly displayed under the table where one of theprograms required seminars on, wouldn't you believe it risk management. Thesame field Ingrie just happens to be in so naturally my thoughts havecirculated around her all day and when Bau asked how my luck, what the NewYork, ladies has been, she was the first one that came to mind he asked ifwe got anywhere, I told him we were texting. He asked to see the exchange,and now here we are two grown men, passing a phone back and forth andwhispering like a couple of chatty school girls in the back of the class.What's her omost mily faces, I defensively tucked my phone back intomy pocket. The last person to use in motocons was like the UNABOMMER. Ohcome on man. It's not that bad! No, it's worse! You know who uses themotocons old people and creeps. Are you...

...either of those things I slouched backin my chair crossing my arms over my chest. I thought I was being nice. Well,stop thinking that then, besides man, you've got to streamline the way youtalk to her bickering at appy hour and sending smily faces before bed he'sonly sending one message: Hi, I'm Noah and I'm psycopat that over win yourlife forever. And how do you propose? I avoid that bow. Doesn't answer for amoment, shifting his focus to the speaker at the front of the LectureHall, a small woman with thin hair wearing a brown pant suit. She adjustsher wireframed glasses as she speaks. Risk Management begins with effectiveleadership if you as a manager or even as a CEO or organized prepared and holdyour employees to the highest levels of conduct, both in terms of the law andof safety, theres levels of risk will belower. Miss Management is the firstsign of risky business bow glances over at me. Eyebrows raised his mouthcurling into a smile. Just take it easy... be a little more aloof. You want meto blow her off no dot blow her off. Just like be cool. You know not quiteso available all that n. The speaker clears her throat lifting her chin. Inour direction and the two of US shut up for a second sitting up straight tomake it look like we've been paying attention fuck. Even if I never see this ladyagain thought of anyone in business thinking I don't give a ship makes mystomach hurt. I give a fuck ton of shits, especially when it comes togetting this brewery off the ground, and especially since I hate nothingmore than students who talk in the back of my class. As I was sayg recklessness and apathy are the numberone killers of business. It is paramount to your success that you doyour research and pay attention or if those skills are not to yourstrong suit that you pay someone else... do so. She looks directly at me asshe speaks and the journing and my gut continues buck. T fuck out of nowherebow, raises his hand and my whole body, clinches he's the first friend I'vemade here, and I like him well enough, but he can be a real smartass.Sometimes, and that's not the kind of attitude I want to be associated with.Yes, Mister just Bot all right, just BAU. What is it isn't a certain level of recklessnessnecessary when it comes to entepreneurial work, jobs, gates,Zuckerberg, all of them took huge risks, dropping out of college and startingout on their own. Look where that got them right and tell me Jesvo. Whatexactly are you bringing to the marketplace? That's as ground breakingor industry, creating as Microsoft? Well, I haven't quite worked out thedetails ar you creative force as well. Have you invented something new? I meanit's not earth shattering, but I think...'s a good pause, a quick Englishlesson, then, can anyone think of a sein them for recklessness that fitsjust bows business planned description or lack there of a quick glance aroundthe room? Makes it clear that no one else is willing to step up to the plate.That means I have an opportunity to make this lady, like me. After all, Iraise my hand and baw immediately startd shooting daggers my way. Yes,Mister Bloom Ma'am over confidence cockiness, even I waslooking for disregard but sure those will do jess, fine, the speaker glancesat the clock, pinching the bridge of her nose and letting out a heavysighwe'll continue with insurance and consultants. Next week we pack up and file out of the room,bow marching firmly ahead of me. His jaw clenched fists bald by his sides.Hey Man, I'm sorry. I know I get it...

...shrewd move by the way. You reallythink this real estate hack is going to help you get ahead. It's not like that.I just look. I'm a teacher. Okay, I felt bad for all you farm boys are thesame self seeking assholes, Hugh's, respect and politeness to cover it up.I stop shifting my weight and lowering my voice better than pretending thataloof is any way to treat a lady, both SCOPs and turns on his heel. Yo reallyare farm boy. Aren't you he shakes his head running a hand along the back ofhis neck. Look do whatever you want. All I'm saying is don't be surprised atthat whole down home. Good boy act sends the girl packing you're, not inKansas, anymore and you're, not rudy. This is the city and we play by our ownrules here with that he marches off, leaving me to fume, silently in thehall as various people push past me, giving me dirty looks as they go:Fucking New Yorkers, all impatient, disinterested and well aloof. I don'tcare if the rules are different here,...

...there's no way I'm playing by them. The crowd dies down around me and Imake my way out of the building sitting out on the twenty minute: Walk back tomy apartment, pulling my phone out of my back pocket. I quickly navigate tomy messages typing up the first thing that comes to mind Saturdays great first round on I hitsend without even giving it a second thought and immediately I catch my airfuck. I mean I'm lying, not sure it's good to drink more thanone coffee at a time might give you a heart attack o anyways. U, Saturday at to it all happens so fast, I can hardlyregister it. I was so determined to just say what I mean that I couldn'tstop hitting send and suddenly there...

...are five separate texts on my side ofthe screen and not even a hint of a dot on hers. Jesus fucking Christ- I maynot be some Suave New York Hardthrob, but I know double texting- is a deathsentence. At this stage. I don't even want to think about the consequences ofa quintupple text stuffing my phone back into my pocket. I stop at a cornerto wait for the walksign looking up in the sky and taking a deep breath. Twowomen in matching berkenstocks with twin yogamats slung over theirshoulders joined me on the corner, quickly: Glancing up and down the emptystreet before holding hands and crossing, despite the large red handstaring at them from the other side of the road. I groan and shake my head,causing them both to turn and give me dirty looks great now. Not only am I asticking the mud, farm boy who doesn't know how to talk to modern women, butI'm a masagenist and probably a homophobe too. By the time I make it back to my shittyDoghouse of a room in the back of a two...

...bedroom apartment. I slamed the doorclosed behind me doing my best to ignore the strong fishy smell comingfrom the floor. Above I throw myself down on the bed staring at the Baigepopcorn ceiling and trying to remember what the fuck I'm doing here like magic. My phone buses in my pocket,it's ingered lol, still Dorky, as ever I see couldbe better, could be worse game on ingered wheeler ten week, turnabout is written byAmelia J rast produced by consensual, creating steami feminist first romancefor Rioal special thanks to hady money and the downpayment for the use of ourthemsaw o boy head sound engineer, John mmal, mixing by styrolike creative,mastering by eating good lar, follo Wa at consental pod on Instagram andfollow at Dnoabloom and at t invaler to... this love story play out on yourINSTRUMENTC. This episode was performed by Alison Grishal, Travisdonazu, Dannyforenzy and jre Michelle to in next week, to hear Ingar to ask herself whatthe Hell Am. I getting myself into.

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