Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Rooftop Reunion


Ingrid gets the surprise of the summer when her high school crush from the small town she left behind shows up in Manhattan--and he's even hotter than he was at graduation.

Everyone deserves an orgasm. That's whypassion box movement discreetly delivers sexual confidence straight toyour door, from sex toys to protection passion box movement. has you covered,regardless of gender identity and Sexuality Use Code? PODCAST. That's pod,CA, St for ten percent off your order visit passionbox movement Com. Today, as I wait for my two Vodcasodas, Itakeen my surroundings. The building really went all out with this start ofsummer happy hour, hiring a decent DJ and advertising the hell out of thiscash bar. Here you go ba a dark long Bob with red lips slides my drink, across, the bar with a smile thanks with a drink in each hand I squeezedthrough the crowd of Navy, suits and pensil skirts, bobbing and weavingpassed, half a dozen, nearly identical conversations, each of them beginningwith the same question which companyor you wilh you'd think that, after working in thesame office for three years, I'd recognize at least some of the peopleat the building widemixer Gre. How are you as I smile and GNOD my way? Pastcluster after cluster of young professionals? There may be two facesthat look vaguely familiar. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. This isNew York. After all, hell it's a miracle. I fe and drag my ass up tothis dam root, top schmoozing with a bunch of Randos, while drinking aneighteen dollar cocktail, isn't my first choice of how to spend an evening,but I do what I have to do in the name...

...of networking coming through. Besides, I've had a newyellow slip, dress hanging in the back of my closet for weeks now, justwaiting to see the light of day- or in this case the glow of cannopy stringlights. It's not often the summer weather in New York cooperates enoughfor the building to open its grief top deck. Although I've been up here, halfa dozen times, I'm impressed all over again by how cool of a space it is by the time I make it back to the spot,where I left my best friend, clio she's in full on ogeling mode. She doesn'twork in my building or in the corporate world at all, actually she's an actressand tonight she's playing the role of my plus one slash moral support at thisnetworking event, although by the look in her eyes, I'd say she's looking todo a little networking of her own resting her Pale dimpled elbows on theblack table cloth her eyes are locked on a large gathering of people acrossthe room that I surprise surprise have literally never seen before. In my lifeand judging byt, the slight arch of her brow, she's already memorizing thescript of how the rest of her night is about to go two vodcassodas extra limeand lygdice Clio nods across the way. So I set herdrink on the table in front of her without looking away from her targetcliodowns half its contents. She looks at me her brows, alreadyscrunched together in a brief fleeting moment of self doubt how's, my hair. Igive her low tossled Bun a quick once over tucking a loose fly away back intoplace, perfect who's, the target Brown tacket four o'clock, Clio Juts, herChin in the direction of a small cluster, of what I can only assume ourgeneric looking finance bros. Almost all of them have their backs tome, except for the guy in question, whose hair is almost too perfectlyquaffed. For my taste with the scruff.

That's theone, bold choice, I thinkhe's my best bet. God'beat girl go get Hem. The floaty ends of her skirt trailebehind her as she sachesed her next mark flashing that streamy awardwinning smile and saying something that immediately gets a good natured, laughout of him she's a natural charmer, especiallywhen it comes to getting what she wants. If I weren't in such a good moodtonight, I might hold her back from using my work event as an opportunityto pick up guys, but the weather is good and the drinks are strong. So I'll,let her do her thing, letting my gaze wander across the room.I scand the crowd for any of my coworkers. We were all encouraged toattend this event by our boss as an actuarial. Consulting firm riskis our specialty and we're always looking for allies when it comes togood business. As for me, there's a senior analyst position. I've had myeye on so I'm looking to win any brownie points. I can what do peoplelike more than coffee, free coffee? My thinking is this: It's a game where youclack coins, when I look back to check on Clio, her eyes are as wide as hersmile and she nods listening intently to whatever brown jacket. Guy Has tosay she steals a quick glance in my direction and gives the subtlest ofnods shifting her weight from one foot to the other and placing her hand onher hip. In other words, my well worn cue to come, join her and help reel inthe Cetch of the day. It's not like Clio even needs my help,winning anyone over. She has plenty of experience, picking up dudes on the fly,whether she decides to Hook up with them or not. This invitation to join her is lessabout serving as her wingwoman and more about saving me from wilting away likethe wallflower that I am something I'll,...

...never stop appreciating about my bestfriend making my way across the room. I try toread the vive of the rest of the guys in the group. Clearly, Cleo has madequite an impression with the DU cheefs chatting up, but the rest of them seem.I don't know awkward. I can't tell if their body language is signaling, thatthey're not into Cleo, specifically or if they're, just another batch ofsocially undeveloped, twenty something men who don't know how to join aconversation that doesn't directly involve them either way. When I reach Chleo's side,I slide my arm around her waist turning my head to smile at her and Tuck myhair behind my ear before greeding the group as a hole. Well, hi, theyare, hotstuff, nice of you to join US clio slips a hand around my waist beaming inmy direction. It is a networking event I couldn't just stand by and let youhave all the fun I'm using my business voice now, which sometimes feels smarmyafter seven pm but hey when it comes to climbing ladders and breaking glassceilings of girl's got Ta, do what a girl's Gotto do Bo Douglas and who dowe have here bell reaches out to shake my hands turning his attention back toCleo, judging by the way he's looking at her right now, she's already got himhook, line and sinker I'll have all the entertainment I need for the eveningwatching this scenario playout this Brunette Babe is Ingrad Wheeler riskanalysts at Swanber, consulting total Badass and my best friend in the wholeworld clio gives my shoulder a squeeze and arches a brow at the rest of thegroup. I smile and shrug looking each guy over one by one when I land on aface that makes my heart stop dead. In my chest and my stomach plument out ofmy body and down thirty flights of stairs that beard that flannel thoseKhakis those shoes...'ve got to be fucking. Kidding me Hoy Shit, wheeler, the dealer, that'sabout like eight years. My good mood is suddenly long gone. This isn't real.This is a dream actually a nightmare. This is a nightmare. Wait a second! Youtwo know each other Clio's voice. Snaps me out of my days and I regain mycomposure, forcing a smile and slowly nodding my head, yeah, no, a bloom. What a! What are you doing in New York, myheart rate, picks up pounding in my chest as flashes of the life I leftbehind start strobing through my head. We were all enrolled in the managerialprogram. On the fourth floor, Thou looks from me Tonoa and back to me. Howdid the two of you know each other? We went to school together. His eyes arestill locked on my face you into Columbia. CLEO gives him a throw onceover. I bite my lip to keep from laughing nothing about. This is funny.This is insanity, full blown topsy, turvy and sanity high school. I let outthe breat I didn't realize I was holding in the full weight of thesituation, threatening to knock the wind right out of me in Indiana that tracks INDEANNA. That word feels foreign on my tongue,but not in the fun exotic way. Certain places do isn't it crazy how New York City reallybrings people together. Just last week I ran into my od landlord atside moment.He just kept complaining to me. Over and over again Bo Eri immediately tune,bow out to take a longer more thorough, look at Noah he's taller than Iremember, and while he was by no means...

...strawny in high school, he seems tohave filled out in the years since then, with dark tossled hair and a sexy hintof stubble along his jawline he's a far cry from the shaggy haired Beerguzzling teenager. I knew all those years ago the two things that haven't changed,however, or his soft baby blue eyes, the same ones I used to daydream aboutin second period sophomore year. But, let's be honest at that age, I was morehormones than human. I was easily in love with three guys. At the same time, wheeler the dealer, Clio's brows, aresprunched together in disblief I'll explain later. No one notices USwhispering and takes the opportunity to, but in you know, wire, it's kind ocrazy. I Hade a feeling I might run into you here. Well, to be honest, I never thought I'd seeyou again in my life Clio squeezes my arm, but I brush her off. I don't careif I seem icy or rude, I'm still having a hard time processing. What the suckis going on looks like maybe the universe is tryingto reunite. You too, for a reason before Bau can finish whatever bullshitspinn he's trying to put on this whole thing. I tuck my clutch under my armand clap my hands together. Be that as it may, gentlemen, I have an earlymeeting tomorrow, so I really should get going noas Baby Blues Narrow at me: Skeptical, it's not even APM wheeler.Why don't you finish your drink and fill me in an where you' been sincegraduation? I throw back, what's left of my Bod Cassoda, letting the ice hit?My teeth it's a lot to down at once, but I need to be gone, which means sodoes this drink noa gives me a look. That's equal parts surprised andoffended an't they teached a jug like that Columbia. Actually, I pitche thatup all on my own. As for where I've...

...been since graduating high school, Igestured the view of the city behind me. I've been here trying to scrub theIndiana off of me, Nela chuckles, taking a Swig of the craft beer in hishand. I don't know about that. It seems like you're the same girl with astubborn streak. I took to turnabout what the hell is a turnabout, but Noahoffers no explanation just to smile as he juts his chin. In my direction.Won't you ESK wheeler she's the one who asked me to be her dage as charming asthis high school reunion has been. I have to be going Nice meeting you alland good to see you again Noah, I guesstaking an ill advised bow. I turned to walk away grabbing Clio's arm as I go.She whispers to Bo just give me one second before following me, back acrossthe rooftop, through the throngs of people, pass the bar all the way to theexit before she stops and crosses her arms. The look on her face morescolding than amused. You want to tell me what the Tuck that was back there. ISIG running a hand through my hair and shrugging as casually as possible. It was nothing nothing. I haven't seenyou like that, since Maraville Harris stole your weed at a Frat party incollege, Atatrich Fuck that Bich spill, the beans or all have you committed.What do you want me to say? We went to high school together, I haven't seenhim or any of the other close minded Hicks from my shitty little dump of ahome town. Since I got backhel loud there almost atecte to go no he's here and out of all thethousands of office buildings in New York he's in mine thecase closed, itjust seems like seeing Noah really hit a nerve or something and in Clio, okjust drop it.

She shrugs raising her hands insurrender. Whatever you say boss, are you really leaving right now yeah? Ireally do have an early meeting Tomorrowokay well get home safe, I've,not a deal to see. We Hug Goodbye and Glebo holds me a little tighter thanusual, no matter how evasive I try to be withher. She always knows when something's up, I give her a reassuring squeezejust wanting the night to be over and done Wenon the subway ride back to myapartment. I can't help but relive my interaction with Noah over and overagain in my head. I can't believe I freaked out so much or that it was soobvious just seeing him there and seeing how good he looks it's further.From the last thing I expected on a random Thursday night, guys from my hometown. Don't just showup at networking. Events in Midtown Manhattan, they're married with threekids and a golden retriever named goose, there's literally no reason for NoaBloom of all people to be reentering. My Life Right now, especially not whenI need to be on my a game at work and especially not when one look at thosebaby blues, makes me feel like I'm sixteen all over again. Ten Week, turnabout is written byAmelia J rose produced by concensual, creating steamy feminist first romancefor riot girls, special thanks to baby money, ind the downpayment for the useof our theme, Song, O boy head, sound engineer, John mcmal, mixing by spirallike Creator mastering by eating Debla Follo, as at concentral pod oninstagram and follow at TNOABLOON and at Bee Aner dealer to watch this lovestory play out on your instrument. This...

...episode was performed by Alis, anGrishaw Travi Donau Nadia, Pella, Ta and Danny Forenzie tune and tomorrowfor episode. Two where you'll hear Ingrad say Noa bloon will not be theone thing in New York that derailed me.

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