Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Sex, Brunch, and Rock & Roll


An embarrassing moment in bed leads to lots of new role playing opportunities.

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...not quite finished and I take himin my hand, peeling the sticky latex away. I lower my face inline with his cock and toss my hair over my shoulder. Can I helpyou with this? H The sound he makes trails off into a growl asI run my tongue along the length of his shaft, massaging his balls withmy free hand. It doesn't take long until he's panting and I watch hisabdomen repeatedly tense and Untense with every movement of my mouth. Fuck that feelsgood. Placing a hand at the base of my neck, he guides myhead, panting and cursing, until I can feel him getting close. Hisbody tenses Fuck Ingrid. How about? His words trail off into a lowguttural Moan as he unloads and I swallow every last drop. Jesus Christ,that was he breathes heavily, staring up at the beige ceiling and running hisfingers through his hair. I only chuckle in response, giving his thigh apat before climbing off the bed and heading to the bathroom to clean up.I don't care how good the sex is, no man is worth getting a fuckingUTI. When I return from the bathroom, I'm surprised to find Noahstill naked and lying in my bed. I Sigh, grabbing an oversized tshirt from my dresser and slipping it over my head. He rolls over ontohis side, propping his head up on one arm, giving me a lookthat's honestly too mushy for comfort. At this point, I sit down nextto him, folding one leg under me and keeping the other on the floor. I'm careful to keep my voice sweet and calm. Hey, bud,I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you gotta go. The lookon his face crumbles into confusion, his brows knitting together as he quicklysits up and covers himself. Fuck, you must think I'm such a creep. He stands and steps into his underwear, scanning the room for the rest ofhis clothes. I jut my Chin to the corner where his shirt andpants lie in a haphazard heap. Nah, I'm just not a huge fan ofsharing the bed, right me? Neither for sure. Noah almost loseshis balance trying to get his pants on. Once dressed, he walks to thedoorway and turns, a sheepish look on his face. Should I youcan leave that door open. The front door will look automatically behind you.With that, I climb under the covers and adjust the pillows behind my head. Right, right, okay, good night, I guess. He lookslike he wants to say something more, but ultimately decides against it, turningand walking down the short hallway to my door. I listen as his footstepsget farther and farther away, until the loud swish and click of the doorlets me know that he's finally gone. I can't help the smile still lingeringon my lips as I roll over and drift off into a deep postcoital sleep. When I wake up the next morning, I pull my hair into a messyponytail, throw on my best comfy but acceptably at leisure clothes and hopinto an uber to meet Cleo for Brunch. She's going to absolutely lose her shitwhen she hears how my night went. Once we're seated, CLEO raises herMimosa high over the wicker table between US chairs. Bitch to another weeksurviving in the concrete jungle. We down our drinks before immediately refilling them.Listen, judge all you want, but the bottomless brunches in New York arestrict and we've only got forty five more...

...minutes before this magical graph is takenaway until next Sunday. WHO even calls it the concrete jungle anymore? Ipat my chest, trying to avoid a massive champagne induced burp. If it'sgood enough for a Leisha Quy's, it's good enough for me. CLEO scansthe menu, not that either of us will stray from our usuals. I'msure. We've been coming to the same brunch spot in the West village foralmost two years now and we solidified our regular orders pretty much after the firstmonth. I'm a sucker for a good eggs benedict and Cleo always goes fortheir variation on chicken and waffles. Plus, if it's been a good week,will often split a side of Hash browns. Let's just say this hasbeen a good week. We've been coming here so often this place feels almostlike a home away from home, the kind of safe haven you death spirityneed as a lifer in the city. Lord knows will never be able toafford some gorgeous brownstone with a secluded patio and state of the art kitchen.But returned to the same cute, rustic looking outdoor patio. Enough and it'llstart to feel like your own. With wicker furniture, gauzy white curtains andor kids in every window sill. This restaurant is about as close as we'llever get to our own personal heaven. So how's work going? Any callbacksyet? CLEO's been trying to make it as an actress for as long asI've known her, and while no one can deny that this superwoman works herass off, it hasn't been easy out here for her. She's an outofstatetransplant like me, who packed up her life one day and moved to thebig city to follow her dreams. Unfortunately for her, that's pretty much everyone'sstory in New York. But she works her ass off and that's more thana lot of people can say. Plus, she's pretty fucking brilliant at what shedoes, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her best friend.She doesn't need me to she's just that good. In response to my question, Cleo groans and slumps her shoulders. Of You self tapes, but nothingbig. I'm mostly living off Nan any money. Let's talk about something otherthan work. What's new with you? Did you meet up with that guyfrom high school? Oh, Jesus, okay, it's time. She wasgoing to find out about it one way or an another. I yeah,I did, actually, it was nice. I shrug and take a sip ofmy drink. CLEO watches my face intently, her eyes growing wide andanimated. Holy Shit, you didn't. The waiter arrives at Our table beforeI can answer, and we place our orders with straight, smiling faces,handing him our menus and asking for a refill on the graffe after he returnswith our fresh round of Mimosas Cleo stares at me expectantly, her eyebrows aboutto disappear into her hairline. All right, yes, we fuck. CLEO doesa little dance in her chair, but it's not a big deal,I add, twisting the end of my low ponytail around my finger. No, of course not. You just fucked some hunk for your hometown you haven'tseen in eight years, like I fucking knew you would, you sexy littlehome oh my God, I brought my elbows up on the table, hunchingover to avoid eye contact with any other patrons on this patio. How wasit is he good? Did his stubble give you rug burn down there?It was good, like really good, like Kenny from hoboken. Good,better than Kenny from hoboken. She leans forward. I didn't know it waspossible to be better than Kenny from welboken. I shake my head, raising myhands in the air. I'm foxed. Jesus, what are YOU gonna do? I mean honestly, I have... idea. When we talk wealmost always somehow end up arguing about something and not just like, Oh,I think Netflix is overrated. Like he said some Shitty stuff about a femaleinstructor and his program you hate that, right, but then he can bereally surprising sometimes, like he told me the story about his dad. Thatwas like super sad and he was vulnerable and emotional for a second. Andthen there's the sex. So I just don't know. You know, Cleonods sympathetically, chewing the inside of her lip. Was He really talking Shitabout Netflix? We laugh and the waiter brings our food, my stomach growlingat the site. If only that we're all, he said. Anyway,what about you? How are things with Bo? She shrugs, taking abite of her chicken her face lighting up as the food hits her tongue.I mean, there's no cunning from hoboken. I snort so hard I almost shoothollandaise through my nose, but was fine. I've actually been meaning totell you he brought up something interesting the other night after we hooked up.She cuts up her waffle with a fork. Oh, he said he doesn't thinkit's realistic for two people to ever truly satisfy each other, like sexually, like in any way. I guess he's been a practicing nonmonogamous for afew months now and he claims it's turned his whole world around. I amphysically unable to keep my eyes from rolling. HMM, yeah, I'm sure ithas. No but see, that's the thing. I felt the sameway at first, but the more we talked about it, the more itmade sense. Every relationship, well every good one at least, is allabout honesty and communication. Right, the same principles apply for nonmonogamous ones,and really it's up to each couple to decide what is and isn't okay.there. Rules just happen to include fucking other people. Sometimes I stare atCleo, legitimately surprised by the words coming out of her mouth. I feellike that only works if both people are honest about wanting to sleep with anotherperson. She shrugs. I don't know if you have to have a certainperson in mind. I think sometimes just leaving the door open is enough.Huh. What your many things, Cleo, but I never pegged you as ahippie. Careful, your small town roots are showing. After paying ourbills, we part ways and I had home to get started on my normalSunday afternoon routine, laundry, cleaning and staring at my phone. By thetime I've flop done the couch later that evening, some inane reality show playingin the background. While I scroll through my phone, I can't stop thinkingabout the talk I had with Cleo earlier. It wasn't the first time a guybrought something up to one of us that seemed a little out of theordinary, but it's the first time she and I have had such different reactionsto it. Honestly, I'm proud of her for being so open and willingto try new things, but at the same time everything she described kind ofjust sounded like a recipe for heartbreak and exposure to stiys. If nothing else, her sex life drama is a far cry from what I'm dealing with.There's no way in hell that small town Indiana boy is about to use wordswith as many syllables as nonmonogamy, let alone suggest we form an open andever evolving commitment to each other that also includes having sex with other people.Hell, if anything, hooking up with Noah is making me feel like I'mback in high school again, wondering when he's going to text me and whyit's taking so long, and whether I should just ignore him for the nextfive days regardless. Maybe I should be with someone as adventurous and different asBo. I've always played it pretty safe...

...when it comes to guys. MaybeI could use someone who will pull me out of my boring Hetero straitlaced Shell. Noah's name lights up at the top of my screen. I open themessage, my stomach flip flopping at what I find. You were amazing lastnight. I can't stop myself from smiling and giggling like some fifteen year oldbeing asked to the prom. Maybe Noah isn't going to challenge my perceptions ofmonogamy. Hell, it might be a step backward to be sleeping with someonefrom my hometown when I have the largest pool of single guys in the countryat my disposal, but if he wants to gasp me up about my performancein bed, I'm not going to stop him. I was pretty fucking amazinglast night, and it's like a cherry on top having him thinks so too. You weren't too bad yourself, cowboy. What are you up to? Athought pops into my head and at first I brush it away. Icouldn't. He's Noah Bloom. He wouldn't have the balls. But then Iremember the vigor with which he ate me out last night and I figure whatthe hell, it's worth a shot. Wishing you were here, the responsecomes almost immediately. Yeah, what would you want to do? I smileand roll over onto my stomach. scrolling through the emoji keyboard for the eggplant, the TACO, the tongue and the rain drops. Those three gray dotsappear immediately, then disappear, then appear again. When the text does comethrough, I don't know whether to laugh or panic. Want to try thatin person. I can be at your place in ten I look down atthe Yoga Pants I've been wearing and drinking champagne in for approximately ten hours.I don't need to take a whiff to know those bad boys do not smellfresh, but I'm almost positive I still have a cute lace trimmed nighty buriedsomewhere in the closet. I take a deep breath and send my reply buzzwhen you get here. sprinting to my closet, I rifle through my pajamasafter what starts to feel like a waste of two precious minutes, my fingersland on the Silky Blue Fabric I've been looking for. I pull out aclassic baby doll nighty. It's essentially every teenage boy's wet dream, complete witha gauzy overlay padding in the Bra and creamy lace around the edges. CLEOand I had gone lingerie shopping together after a particularly rough breakup of hers acouple of years back, and this is what I ended up bringing home.Part of me wonders if it's too much for a casual hookup, but Ishrug the thought off. I sent some intense EMOJI's. It's on me tofollow through. I shimmy out of my clothes and do what my dad callsthe poor man's shower, run a makeup removing wipe over my pits and privates, layer are on some fresh deodorant and Swish some listerine around in my mouth. Slipping into the nighty, I make sure to scoop my boobs up toget the full effect of the padding. I give my hair a quick tosslebefore checking the time. If my calculations are right, I've got about threeminutes left. I make a mad dash around the apartment, throwing out acouple of old takeout containers and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I evenhave the wherewithal to light a Goddamn anthropology candle before he rings the Buzzer.I'm feeling like a fucking rock star. Honestly, this feeling alone might bebetter than anything any man can do in the bedroom. But that doesn't meanI won't give Noah a chance to beat... I press the button onthe intercom to let him in. I hear his footsteps coming up the stairsand when he knocks on the door, I check my reflection in the hallwaymirror before opening it. Yep, definitely living up to the liberal sexting EMOJIuse. I swing the door open and Noah's jaw practically drops to the floor. You look not here. I cut him off, grabbing him by theshirt and pulling him inside. He stumbles after me, his mouth still hangingopen, his eyes wide as they travel from my cleavage to my legs,taking a brief detour to linger over the very visible outline of my panties.I lead him to the bedroom and push him onto my bed. He sitson the edge, a bulge already visible next to his zipper. I standin front of him and allow a few moments for him to properly take mein. I'm still feeling Pretty Damn accomplished. No lastminute hookup has ever started outthis smoothly. You're so fucking hot. His eyes are glued to my body. The way he's looking at me makes me feel wild and sexy andreally, really turned on. I walk around him and he pulls his shirtover his head and ache forms in my belly and I nod to his jeans. He obeys, unbuttoning and kicking them into the corner. The outline ofhis arousal is fully visible now and the egg spreads between my legs needy andpersistent, I slide my panties over my hips as he takes off his briefsand all in one motion I'm on top of him, straddling his waist.As our mouths collide, chests heaving, we move further up the bed.He rolls US over and lays my head gingerly on my pillow. I'm readyto protest, but he starts trailing kisses down the side of my neck andover my chest, on a sure direct path between my legs. Suddenly Ihave zero problems with what's about to happen. His stubble grazes my inner thigh justas his tongue reaches my center, and the first contact floods my bodywith warm, blissful pleasure. I let out a long, low sigh,pressing my head back into the pillow, my hips rolling along with Noah's giftfrom God of a mouth. My eyes close and my whole body relaxes asgentle waves of pleasure wash over me and the tiniest bit of Drool escapes fromthe corner of my mouth. I'm back in the classroom and this time MrBloom is standing over me, his impossibly tight buttoned down, threatening to ripwith a single flex of his pack. Do you know what we do tonaughty girls? He takes a handful of my ass in his palm. Iwhimper and shake my head, my eyes flitting to the massive bulge straining inhis pants. He scoops me onto the desk and lays me flat, thecold metal a sharp contrast to the warmth of his hand. His fingers trailover my soaking panties, sending a shock through my core. He grunts andpulls his hand away, a smile twisting on his face. You like that, don't you? Angry, naughty, Ingrid, greedy, Ingrid, dirty, naughty, sad, desperate, Ingrid, Jesus Ingrid, ingred. Are youokay? I opened my eyes to find Noah's Pale, sweaty face hoveringover mine, his hands on my shoulders.

Mr Bloom, my head feels groggy, like I've just been woken up from, Oh fuck, from adream. Oh my fuck. My eyes focus on Noah, the look onhis face a mix between horror and confusion. No, no, no, didyou fall asleep? I sure fucking did. I push him off meand sit up, stifling a yawn. I sneak a glance between his thighs. Not fully soft yet. I can maybe salvage this. Arching my back, I leaned toward him, batting my eyelashes and dipping my chin. Iwalk my fingers toward him across the Duvet. Hmmm, I think your magical pussyeating put me in some kind of trance Ingrid. Maybe I can makeit up to you. I arch a brow at his manhood w which seemsto almost be looking back at me and disapproval. Noah shakes his head,the look on his face growing sterner by the second. That was like fuckedup. I I thought you were into it, but then you stopped respondingand when I realized you were unconscious, it felt like I was violating thelook on his face is so earnest, so concerned, I have to keepmyself from laughing. You are too nice. Excuse me for thinking there's a problemwhen one person to hook up is unable to say no. Okay,all right, Mister woke millennial man, we get it. Gold Star forunderstanding the bare minimum of consent. I don't have to check to know thathis semi is fully deflated. So much for a smooth last minute hook up. Soon Noah is standing and stepping into his briefs. I I should go. It's not a big deal, Noah, I just had a long day.I was drinking earlier. Champagne makes me sleepy. You were great.It had nothing to do with you. He nods half heartedly, his jeansin his hand. I lean into a position I know perfectly showcases my titsin this nighty. Listen you let me know when you're ready to reschedule,because I know what that tongue can do and I've got a couple more ideasfor how you could use it. He pauses and turns back to look atme, struggling to keep his eyes away from my cleavage. If I'm notmistaken, I think I catch a hint of a stirring in those briefs.Why don't you come here and I'll tell you about them? I pat myhand on the space next to me on the bed. After hesitating for amoment, Noah drops his jeans and climbs onto the bed next to me,propping himself up on one elbow. There's a playful glint in his eyes.Fine, but first, why don't you tell me more about Mr Bloom tenweek turnabout is written by Amelia J rose, produced by consensual, creating steamy feministfirst romance for riot carls. Special thanks to baby money and the downpayments for the use of our theme song, Oh boy head. Sound Engineer JohnMcNeil, mixing by spiral like creative mastering by aiding Guivora. Follow usat consensual pod on instagram and follow at the Noah Bloom and at the IngridWheeler to watch this love story play out on your instagram feed. This episodewas performed by Alison Grishaw, Travis Donohu and Nadia Pellettier. Tune in nextweek to hear Ingrid drunk text here. Where are you? We're doing shotswithout you. Hurry up and GIRT HER.

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