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SNEAK PEEK: Ten Week Turnabout


SNEAK PEEK: Meet Ingrid and Noah, the hero and heroine of ConSensual's first romance, Ten Week Turnabout, coming June 24, 2020!

I remember the exact moment I decidedto leave my tiny shit hole of a town. I was nine and eating a pink frosteddoughnut, with Rainbow Sprinkles, watching the adults mill around themusty church basement, and I realized that at nine years old I knew everysingle person in my town, and that was it for me. I was done. Idecided right then, and there that I had to leave that I needed to livesomewhere far far away from here, where I could meet new people and try newthings and have more to look forward to than finally being old enough to drinkat the local bar without a fake idea. Now my life is great. Wonderful, evenI've got a killer job, a kickass best friend and a studio in Soho that I livein by myself. The only thing I'm missing is that one promotion that willlaunch the rest of my career and...

...solidify the life, the new me I'veworked so hard to build in this city. So when a blast from my small town pastshows up in my New York life, I know I have to run, but something about our constantarguing is a bit of a turnon toss in a few hot for teacher sex dreams and I'ma lost cause. I'm the kind of girl who's alwayslooking forward, but noah bloom makes me look back and I'm not sure I can afford to spendso much time in the past. When I laid eyes on her across the roomwithin my first week in New York, I knew it was fath in a city of eightmillion people. What are the chances that I run into Ingrid Wheeler, my dateto the turnabout dance all those years ago? She might not be the happiest to see me,but her face in this overcrowded shit.

Hole of a city is like a breath offresh air and, although she's just as stubborn asshe was in high school she's, also just as gorgeous she'll, show me the ropes round. Here Ijust might survive my ten weeks in the big city and gain the business savby. Ineed to get my brewery off the ground, I'm oping, to get my small town on themap and I think a damn good. IPA is a nice place to start now. If I could just convince Ingridthat the life she left behind wasn't so awful after all, and maybe just maybewe can see each other for who we really are and find some middle ground betweenus. Ten weeks, turnabout an immersiveromance audio series by Amelia Rose Premier's June, twenty fourth, twothousand and twenty listen wherever you get your podcasts and follow atconsensual pod on Instagram, where you can find our hero and heroines,personal appounce and watch their love story play out. While you listensubscribe now and we'll see you in Jum.

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