Episode 13 · 1 year ago

So Long, Summer


Summer is ending, and Noah's heading back to Indiana to pursue his brewery dream--but what does that mean for him and Ingrid?

Oh, my God. This reminds me of my Promcleogoks as we walk arm in arm into the high ceiling ultratrendi tribaca studio,featuring, not one but two full bars in addition to a long, foliage decoratedtable, packed with Sharqouteri boards and veggie trays. I glance aroundtaking in the scene The panelled ceilings, the plush white couches, theartwork that is almost certainly original. I stare at Cleo in disbeliefshaking my head with my mouth hanging. Open Holy Fuck. Is that a TiffanyChandelier? You have a good eye. We turn to find a striking willowycreature standing before us with wastelength icy blond, hair andpiercing green eyes, dressed in the kind of outfit I've only ever seen,models wear on instogram. She extends her hand to me, and I cautiously takeit surprised by how firm her grip is. I masterid thank you so much for comingto my little sore. You live here, you'd think after eight years in the city,I'd be better at keeping my cool around the ouber wealthy, but hey, I'm still amidwestern girl at heart. Oh No. I've got a quait littlebrownstone in the village. Daddy lets me use the studio whenever I want tohave people over make e Cleanu esier. She winks at us, Cleo and inad, forcingsmiles on our faces. Astrid maintains a level of eye contact.That would almost turn me on. If it didn't make me feel so transparentanyway enjoy yourselvs tonight. Ladies, it's a celebration. After all, shebreathes past us to the middle of the... where she latches on to the arm ofa man so devastatingly handsome, there's a solid eighty percent chancehe's a model for Ralph Loren Cleo, and I turned to look at eachother and immediately burst out laughing rushing over to the bar toescape the glow of whatever we just witnessed when we get to the line. Onlya few people deep at this point, Cleo shakes her head. I thought boat wasfucking with me, but that little shit was telling the truth. This whole timewait. You knew about all this. When Noah said there was going to be an endof the summer party for their program. I expected a one drink special at someshitty midtown dive bar, not a fucking soire in Tribecca. He wouldn't shut upabout this old money goddess in their program, who kept promising to pullsomething together if they made it till the end. I thought he was just beingbown, but I guess not. We order a couple of VAD casodas with extra limeand light ice are usual on nights like these, that is every night we've hadsome function to attend and need a little extra moral support. Thebartender nods to the hand lattered menu propped up next to him. Are yousure I can intrerue in an Apparal Sprit, I'm not sure fancy cocktails are in thebudget this evening the bar is open tonight and ladies free of charge, weboth go buggede exchanging what feels like the umpteenth look of disbeliefthis evening, Apparal Eiani, God we're embarrassing. Sometimes we stroll away from the bar brightlycolored drinks in hand to peruse the Shacoteri boards, which, if I had toguess, probably cost more than what I spend on a week of groceries is yourboy here. Yet she takes a sip of her drink jess. This is good good question.I'm sure he's on his way. I scann the room for any sign of Noah, but at thispoint I don't see him. I check my phone,...

...but I don't have any messages.Meanwhile, Clio gives me a little side eye her right, eyebrow wiggling want me to ignore the fact that you inno way objected to me calling him your boy Yep. That's exactly what I'd like youto do. Thank you very much. She shrugs suppressing a smile and scanning theroom herself, presumably to find her next target Ol, there's Bo. I followCLEO's nod to our left. We're a freshly shaven bow stands wearing an ivoryblazer and shiny patent leather shoes. What's our game plan there fitim ignorehim spread rumors throughout the party that he's infecting women with a nastybout of Clemidia. Instead, clio makes eye contact with him, smiling andwaving Naw. We love things on good terms, good vibes only from here on out.REMEMBER: Yeah Yeah. I Remember Oo what about that? Guy Sandy blond,hair well tailored navy suit dazzling smile. Do you want me to embarrassmyself in front of the one percenta come on, I'm sure he's very friendlylook he's laughing with those people who don't look nearly as rich as hedoes ind grat dont he' stupid. That's how the richest of the rich peopledress these days. They don't want to look rich. They just are whatever Iwon't force you just trying to help. I shrug turning to look at the other sideof the room for any eligible, looking bachelors to show my newly cleansedbest friend a good time, and that's when it happens. I see Noah across the room chattingwith a couple of dudes. I don't know in black pants a sharp button down and thekind of dress shoes he would have made fun of when he first got to New York.He looks good... hell of a far cry from theLUMBERJACK wannaby. I first laid ison just over two months ago. He turns toward me and looks up and thesecond our eyes meet. I turn into a wobbly dumb, struck mess heartpoundingchest swelling stomach, getting all floaty. I haven't felt like this aboutanyone in ever really and that fact leaves just one thoughtin my mind. He smiles and my stomach does about abillion somersaults as he excuses himself from his friends and walks. MyWay Oh shit incoming, but when Cleo sees the look on my face, she justsmiles and whistles through her teeth, go find some one to flirt with Havangirl. She gives my hand a gentle squeeze before heading back to the bardowning, her drink and looking for someone to patch her the next one. Itake a deep breath, my heart beating so hard. I can feel my pulse in my stomach.I quickly wipe my hands on my dress just before Noa reaches me. Well. Well. Well, take a look at thisguy. He pulls me in for a hug wrapping his arms around my waist as I lift myarms over his shoulders. I catch a whiff of midiotorant secretly thankful.I remembered to swipe some on before running out the door sweet Jesus. I'vegot a pull it together when we pull back, I rubb the material on hisshoulder. There's no way you brought that outfit from Indiana he smilescheepishly, Oh, might have given me some pointers. You took fashion advicefrom Baug. I thought you two were like mortal enemis by now we're gool you gotto use your assetswhal, you have em, he winks at me and I...

...hate myself for it, but damn those babyblues really do something to me. He steps back to give my silky bluedress, with straps of full updown you're beautiful, Itas, always thisoldthing, I'm gross we're gross. What the actual fuck is happening, reallyglugican his hand, brushes mine, as his arms fell back to his sides. Well, if you told me we were coming toTaylor's swift soul department, I would have agreed to come a lot sooner, but seriously. I wouldn't have missedit. Yeah this place is pretty incredible. Right, ASEHERT been talkingabout it all month, Y, AH, okay, so what's her deal she's not actually inthe program? Is She actually? She is she's trying to be like Gwen, somethingor whatever I think she wants to get into skin car. Suddenly the wholecuration takes a new light. Oh boop right that makes sense. I'm surprisedthat sharcotery isn't Vegan or maybe she's working on a new line ofimpossible cheese. When Noah doesn't laugh, I check his face squinting myeyes a little. You have no idea what I'm talking about. Do you a he clue youcan take the boy out of Indiana, but we chuckle, but I already feel thefirst tug of sadness at the thought of Noa leaving I've always known. He would, of course,but now that his departure is only days away, I'm having a harder time with itthan I thought. I would suddenly the background music changesand the Intro of the song playing makes bull. Our ears perk up, Noah's brows,SBURROW togetheris this. It can't be holy shoot. We stare at each other eyeswide shaking our heads. This is from... what twenty ten Astrad must be mortified. I look aroundto try and lay eyes on our gracious, inevitably Aghast Hostess Twenty Eleven.Actually it played during senior journebout. my eyebrows shoot up asmile curling on my lips. I wasn't sure if you'd remember, you were wearingblue that night too. My stomach backhand spring straight out of my body,as he pulls me to him, placing his hands on my waist. I placed my handsover his peering over his shoulder. I glanced at all the people ignoring themusic around us, not here, there's a fire escape overthere. If anyone asks we can say we're going, fhror a smoke or somethingtaking his hand in mine. I lead us to the other side of the room, making eyecontact with Clio along the way she's chatting up some guy with curly, dark,hair and glasses. We exchange approving glances and continue on our way.Thankfully, the windows unlocked and we quickly slide it open and slip out ontothe ricety fire escape a warm summer. Breeze rustling, my hair, all the moneyin the world, and I can't find a way to make these things feel any safer. NELAshifts his weight uneasily and looks down at the sidewalk through the rustymetal slats. I place his hands back on my waist and slide mine around his neck.Don't look down then dummy Noah polls me closer, and I lay my head on hischest: The warmth from his body pleasant against my cheek. We sway tothe music and as cheesy as it sounds, it's almost like we're back at thatstupid, high school dance again and just like last time, one of us is aboutto move thousands of miles away. I breathe in his smoky almost sweetscent you smell better than you did in high school. That's Boutoo, his voiceis reluctant and I can imagine his lips...

...pulled into a tot line. That makessense. Well Anyway, it's nice. If I remembercorrectly, you smelled exactly like bubblegum. You can think Victoriasecret for that headache. There wasn't that bad. Actually, I remember itmaking you easy to find just follow the smell you did not. I pull back to look him inthe eye. Little did. I know that you'd be high taling it out of there prettysoon after it couldn't have been that much of a shock I'd been talking aboutleaving. Since I was ten well, we all thought it was just talk or I didanyway. He falls silent and stares over my head, his face sombere and resigned.I just I had to follow my dream and youweren't a part of that I did like you, though, did he looks down at me his eyes sopiercing it feels like he's. Looking straight into my soul, do come back with me, then I thought theplan was to go back to my place, no Ingrad to Indiana. I pause and take astep back. My brows scrunched together shaking my head. You know, I can't dothat. Why not they need actuars there too. Ipull away from him and cross my arms. You sound like my mother. Well, reallybe so bad, he looks hurt and it hurts me to see him that way, but thatdoesn't mean he's right. THAT'S NOT FAIR! You could stay in NewYork. People drink beer here too, and I have to go back even if I've started warning up to thisplace. I don't belong here besides, my mom needs me and this wholebrewer thing is for the thee. Ommunity Gi got it.

Well, I don't know if you remember, but theyweren't, quite as warm and fuzzy to me as they were to you. You didn't exactlymake it easy. What's that supposed to mean, would yoube warm and fuzzy to someone who always acted like they were better than you wow? You know what you go, you can havethem. I don't need the shit. I turned to try to climb back into the party,but the step is too high and with this dress well as much as I hate to admitit, I can't do it without Noa. So instead I walk the two feet to theother side of the fire escape and lean against the railing. With my armscrossed, no look Ingrad, I'm sorry! I don't want to fight. What I'm trying to say is, I think, there's something specialbetween us and I'd hate to let that slip away fora second time, tears well up in the corners of my eyes.So I look away biting my lip and doing my best not to sniffle. What am I supposed to say to that? Hewalks over to me taking my hands in his how about this. If I follow through and get thisbrewery off the ground you'll be there for opening day I'll, throw a big party for it andeverything if I'll hold up mind of the bargain, Iswear. What do you say? Do you, despite myself, I sniffle dabbing at myeye with the back of my hand, this whole thing is stupid and childish,and probably our best fucking Bet del he smiles, leaning in to kiss me, and let me tell you it is a kiss, even if I never lay eyes on this managain, he'll be going down in my books... one of the best kissers I've evermet. But who knows something tells me Imight be seeing him again. Ten Week, turnabout is written byAmelia J rose produced by consensual, creating steamy feminist first romancefor riot girls, special thanks to baby money and the downpanes for the use ofour seme Song, O boy head, sound engineer, John mcnal, mixing by spirallight creative mastering by eating Gavlar, follow us act, an sensal pod oninstabran and follow at te Noer bloon and at Te Ingrediter to watch this lovestory play out on your instruente. This episode was performed by Alson BrishalTravisdon and Nadia Politie, Rachel Borgo and Jim O'Brien Tunean nextMonday for a special minneso where you'll hear ingrod, say Missu too miserBloo. I don't think I could forget about youat this tome. Lord knows my mom won't. Let me.

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